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Chillin out at home. I'm sick and I have tons of homework to make up on account of being absent for the whole fucking week. Tomorrow I am going to work a lot on my songs and hopefully write even more sounds of love! My parents won't be home so I will have the house all to myself and can therefore work in peace. Do you ever wish that you could just go right to sleep so that tomorrow could come sooner? That's how I feel cause I really really want to play the piano right now. It's almost (ALMOST) all I think about. Whenever I get a chance I am at the piano. But sometimes I get frustrated, and that's when the chainsmoking begins its trend. Of course. Gee I'm bored, and there's nothing all that interesting on c-span right now. I can't think of anything creative to learn about on wikipedia. I'm not hungry, so I don't really want to eat. I probably should clean my room or start on my homework or do something productive. BUUUUTTT, I don't really feel like it. Staying in kind of sucks, I'm getting a little mental here.
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the chen of kit.
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bored bored
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people talking on c-span
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